Our Land & Trees

100% Nocellara del Sicilian Olives from Italy

Guarino Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made only from the large, lighter green Nocellara del Belice variety olives.  And, we hand pick our olive trees, which is an important and ancient technique practiced by our family's loving tradition in the cultivation of our olive oil.  Olives are a fruit and they can easily bruise, like a pear or an apple, so our family wants to makes sure the olives don't drop to the ground.



Our olive trees are located near the Southern coast of the Mediterranian Sea in Belice and Mazara Valleys in Sicily, Italy.  This region, del Belice, has unique geographical characteristics and soil composition, is where all of our oil is produced.  The exposure of the vineyards and olive groves and the conformation of the valley, which provides the territory a constant flow of air, contribute to a climate that is exceptionally ideal. The result, is fine olive oil that is unsurpassed in quality and taste, and a low acidity level of 0.03%.