More than a century of family history with a passion and dedication to our land and to its' fruits.

For over 100 years, the Guarino family has been cultivating premium, Italian extra virgin olive oil in Sicily on our family owned farm in the region of our hometown of Partanna.  Partanna is a small town in Southwest Sicily perched 1,300 feet above sea level overlooking the Belice and Mazara Valleys near the Southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

More than a century ago, in 1909, Antonino Guarino, founder of Guarino Estates, just 18 years old, leaves his Sicilian land in search of fortune for himself and his family in America, where he studied and began working. He put his money aside and saved but he realized he would be unable to support his family in America, so the family remained in Sicily.  Antonino then decided to invest all his earnings made in American to create a family business in Sicily. He first bought an agricultural vehicle. Next, he began to plant rows of olive trees on the first farm purchased, which was followed by others and which are now part of thousands of acres of cultivated land in the Guarino family owned company. 

Today we are the fourth generation to cultivate the farm, and as at the beginning of the century to the one who came before us, the passion for our land is the common thread that drives us every day to work to grow, cure and produce olive oil. 

We welcome you to our family and hope our Guarino olive oil becomes part of your family tradition. 

With kind regards, 

Salvatore and Luigi Guarino

Brothers and Owners of Guarino Estate